Cascadia High School District 206 Ego Occidam Puerorum

Message From The Principal

Welcome to Cascadia High School, a proud institution of learning for over 1730 students and nearly 100 faculty.

Our first semester of the 2013-14 school year is now history, and we are well into the notoriously busy second semester. By all accounts, it appears that our vision of becoming a preeminent school district is nearing reality.

To date, many of our programs - including academics, arts, and athletics - have set new school records. We have even pushed the standards for achievement in the district Valley Conference! This school year is proving to be one of the most productive periods for the Cascadia Eagles ever. Nothing can stop us now!

As we all know, success is not without effort. I want to thank the community for supporting our teachers, directors, coaches, and programs. We ask for continued support throughout second semester.

As the Cascadia Eagles say, "Bwaaaaaaaaa!"

- Principal Georgia
"Ego Occidam Puerorum"


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